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  • 312-155 LFN

312-155 Grain LFN Bullet 

  • Gas Check Design
  • Material:  Aluminum / Brass
  • Hardened Dowel Pins / SS Bushings
  • Includes: Sprue Plate, Hardware for attaching to Lee or comparable handles

Bullet was designed for - .300 Blackout  and 7.62 x 39 MM

Note from Designer:

Drew this up to run in 7.62x39

Just had a chance to cast with the mold and as usual it is flawless bullets just roll out when the handles are opened and they drop exactly as spec'd on the drawing.

I laid this over saami drawings for the 7.62x39, 308, 300 black and it should fit and shoot just fine as long as the chamber is cut to spec. It will just slightly engrave the rifling so it will start aligned to the bore from the word go.

This is not designed for hitek or powder coat as it will change the dimensions to much and it will not chamber then.

I am shooting it gas checked and sized to .3115 made out of wheel weight lead air cooled and 45/45/10 tumble lubed twice with a 200 deg oven dry for 20 min between coats at almost 2k feet per second with a clean barrel and boring accuracy! 

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312-155 LFN

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