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Due to popular demand we now offer a 40 lb. Large Rotary Industrial Tumbler.

The drum is rubber lined with a hexagon shape for agitating Media and Brass.  It comes with 1/3 HP 110 volt motor.  Drum speed is 22 RPM and drum capacity is 3.5 gallons.  Motor is available in 230v, call to order.  Lifetime warranty and money back guarantee.  The inside of the drum measures 12" deep and 10" diameter. The base measures roughly 22"W x 20"L x 12"H.  The rollers are rubber-lined driven on ball-bearings.  Made in the U.S.A.

Note: All 40# Tumblers are drop shipped via FedEx, during checkout it will indicate UPS simply for calculating shipping cost.  Media is shipped USPS flat rate.


  • -10-15 lbs. of Stainless Steel Media
  • -Fill drum 60%-70% full of brass  (anywhere from 2100 pistol - 2800 .223)
  • -Fill drum with Cold Water (water temperature can effect discoloration of brass depending on pH & alkalinity)
  • -Add 4-5 Tbs. Dawn Dish Soap
  • -1 tsp. LemiShine 
  • -Tumble 3-4 hours
  • -Separate brass from media underwater using STM Media Separator


  • .223/5.56 - 1200-1500 pieces
  • 9mm, .40, .45 - 2000-2300 pieces
  • .308 - 800-1000 pieces

Note: If you add more brass that stated above you'll have to tumbler longer than 4 hours and the soap can start to break-down after too long.

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STM 40lb Large Rotary Tumbler

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