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The all new Bullet Binder is a must for shooting competitions or perfect for a trip testing new loads at the range. The Bullet Binder was developed with the reloader in mind. An easy, lightweight way solution to organize your bullets by caliber and load to quickly grab and take on your outing.

Each Binder comes with 10 removable Velcro strips that hold 12  bullets each for a total of 120 rounds. Extra 12 round strips are also available to purchase. 

Your Bullet Binder can hold 120 rounds of any short action, long action or Magnum cases. 


  • Strong
  • Carries 120 rounds while using minimal room
  • Lightweight
  • Incredibly easy to organized new reloads by caliber or loads
  • Elastic Loops to keep Rounds organized and protected from banging into each other
  • Identification Loop
  • Clear pouch for dope card or load data

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  • $48.00

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