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This is a MUST for cleaning pistol brass or small caliber brass.  It comes with a STM Media Separator to help in separating the media from the brass.  Use a universal decapping die and this will clean the primer pockets and make them look like new. 
  • -Cleans 2-4 lbs. of brass.  Click Here for Quantities
  • -High Speed Tumbler cleans cases in about 3-4 hours max
  • -Comes with Media Separator for easy clean-up
  • -Media won't rust or wear out

The media size is .047"x.255".  This will work for all caliber sizes and it will clean the primer pockets the best.

Note: The 220v is for International use and comes with a UK style plug.  You will need to supply the motor with a plug for your country.

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Deluxe Kit 220v Motor (Rebel 17, Separator, Media, Lemishine)

  • $321.90

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